Big Belt Hut

Lodging on the Baldy ridgeline at 8,500 feet

Classes & Clinics at the Big Belt Hut

AERIE Backcountry Medicine Courses

We are excited to partner with AERIE Backcountry Medicine this fall to offer a Wilderness First Responder course at the Big Belt Hut. All lodging and meals are provided.

Wilderness First Responder
October 19 - 26, 2019
Location: Big Belt Hut


Aerie's 72 hour Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course is designed for outdoor professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, preparing them to care for injuries and illness in remote, challenging environments. The course is fast-paced, challenging, hands-on and fun.

This is an all-inclusive course with lodging and 3 mouth-watering meals a day provided at the Big Belt Hut.

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We constructed the Big Belt Hut to comfortably accomodate a variety of classes and backcountry clinics and have found the best course-leaders, instructors, and chefs in the business.

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