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Backcountry Catering

Let us handle the food, you just think about the skiing.

This winter, we are partnering with Maison to provide pre-cooked meals for your trip! This option costs $100 per person per day.

Out of an abundance of caution, we are not sending our chefs into the yurts this winter to prepare meals. Instead, we send you on your way with a fully-packed cooler of delicious, pre-cooked mouth-watering meals from Maison. These incredible meals from Helena's newest French bistro will come vacuum sealed, requiring only that you simmer them in warm water!

Catering is available as an add-on when you booking; additionally, we can add catering to any trip with at least 1-week notice. Works best when you also book a gear haul so that we can pre-pack the toboggans.

The complete menu is below, or can be downloaded as a PDF.

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