Curious about the structure of a course with Montana Backcountry Yurts?

Here are some sample itineraries. The exact itinerary of each course is subject to change, but these are examples from the 2018/2019 season to give you a general idea.
Backcountry Skills Clinic
Day 1: Getting In
Day 2: Full day tour
Day 3: Leading / Getting out
9:00am – meet at the trailhead,
sled packing, and logistics

10:00am – depart from trailhead
7:00am – BREAKFAST

Observations talk, Weather,
Snow observations
Skinning technique, Skin care,
Transitions, Avalanche rescue
7:00am – BREAKFAST

Observations talk, Weather,
Snow observations
Student led travel plan
LUNCH @ yurt LUNCH in the field LUNCH @ yurt
1:30pm - Avalanche intro @ yurt
2:00pm – Tour: Skinning/Intro to travel in
avalanche terrain.
Terrain choice, Route finding
Avalanche study pits, Route finding 2:30pm – depart from yurts:
Ski down to meadows
Towed by snowmobiles
to the trailhead
5:00pm – DINNER @ yurt 5:30pm – DINNER @ yurt 5:00pm – arrive @ trailhead
Course closure
Post dinner discussion: Snow pit basics Post dinner talk: Decision Making,
Trouble Shooting Skin failure,
No food/h20, Emergency and repair kits
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Avalanche One Course
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
9 am - Meet at the Rich guest ranch parking area
Morning in the classroom @ Ranch:

Introductions, Review pre-course materials,
Classroom Session
8:30am - BREAKFAST
Terrain, Prepare, Plan
Snowpack/Weather Observations
Ride Safe
8:30am - BREAKFAST

Lunch LUNCH in the field LUNCH in the field
Rescue practice
Ride Safe
Course Close: Ski/tow out
DINNER @ yurt DINNER @ yurt 5:00pm – back @ trailhead
Course closure
Post dinner discussion Post dinner discussion

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