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We have prepared a variety of maps to guide you in getting to the yurts and recreating in the area. These maps are geo-referenced PDFs that can be loaded into a mobile app like Avenza Maps to be used during your visit.
Be sure to download the maps and familiarize yourself with the interface before you go. Step-by-Step Instructions

Choose maps for YurtSki (Southern Swan Range) or the Big Belt Hut (Big Belt Mountains):

YurtSki Big Belt Hut

How to Install Avenza Maps

Do this before you leave your house, once installed, you do not need to have cell service for the maps to work

  1. Download Avenza Maps for iOS or Android.
  2. View this page on your phone at
  3. Find the maps you want to download, open them on your phone.
  4. Click on the share icon and choose "Copy to Avenza Maps" for each map

These maps are now copied to the Avenza Maps app and when you are in the area, a blue dot will show your exact location.

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