Unforgettable Skiing in the Swan

1. Would you like a gear haul and tow into the yurt via snowmobile?
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The trip into YurtSki starts with 5 miles of flat travel on the Cottonwood Lakes Road (groomed), and then 6 miles up the Morrell Mountain Lookout Road, gaining nearly 2,000 feet in elevation.
A gear haul makes the most of your trip by hauling both your crew and all of your gear all the way to the yurts via snowmobile. This allows you to pack food in large coolers (convenient), haul more beer, and generally bring more to the yurt. We have the right snowmobiles and extra-large tobaggons for the job.
As part of this service, we will provide clean sheets and collect 10 gallons of water from the spring to get your trip started. On the last day of your trip, we will return to load your gear and tow your group back out. If conditions permit, there is one final pitch of good skiing before towing back along the flat road.

Gear haul costs $600 for up to 6 people, and +$150 per person after 6.

Gear hauls are not available on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Please choose now whether your trip will need a gear haul, they are not always possible to add on later.

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